TasteMaker is a newly established company but is rich with history. Over 30 years in food and beverage industry, started in 1982 from a family owned restaurant with homemade descended recipes,  under the name of Bua Restaurant. The restaurant became well- known and popular among local people for an authentic Thai cuisine. Bua Restaurant is located in Silom district on Convent Road, downtown Bangkok.

Later in 2001, Pola Pola was founded. It was the very first restaurant in Thailand with the concept of Thai-Italian Fusion Cuisine. Pola Pola was named after a family member of Karnasuta Family. The family has been in  the restaurant business for more than 3 decades. They were the co-founder of Bua Restaurant, authentic Thai cuisine, which is very well-known to local Thais and also expats and tourists. Pola Pola currently has 3 branches, two of which are located in Thailand and another in Myanmar. Currently, we are expanding into the ready-to-eat food market. One of our products includes Italian soups and pasta sauces. These are retort sterilization processed products.

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